With only a fortnight between finishing the illustrations for The Fidgety Itch and starting on Willbee The Bumblebee, I felt like a bit of a Hermit on an illustrating marathon!

I almost forgot there was an outside world with a dear friend doing my shopping and buying me pies from the local shop while I gave birth to our buzzy friends at the drawing board in my tiny converted stable.

This book is about the ones in our life that love us no matter what, and caring friends who appear just at the right moment to save the day. Little Willbee’s adventure in the garden takes an unexpected turn for the worse, but he finds he is not as alone as he first thought.

One of the highlights of creating the illustrations for this book was dreaming up the book titles on Spider Steve’s bookshelf…’World Wide Webs’ and ‘Spy Da Man’ being amongst my faves!