Willbee the Bumblebee

With only a fortnight between finishing the illustrations for The Fidgety Itch and starting on Willbee The Bumblebee, I felt like a bit of a Hermit on an illustrating marathon! I almost forgot there was an outside world with a dear friend doing my shopping and buying me pies from the local shop while I [...]

The Fidgety Itch

The second book I created illustrations for, The Fidgety Itch, is about co-operation and friends helping each other out. Each animal gets a mysterious itch and has to find a friend to help scratch it, until there are no more animals left to help and they have to work out how to all itch and [...]

The Wonky Donkey

Rather fittingly, I gave birth to the illustrations for The Wonkey Donkey in a converted stable, where I was living at the time! It was rather nerve-wracking as The Wonky Donkey was my first ever book, published in October 2009. By December of the same year Wonky had gone for a record 6 reprints and become a [...]