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Workshops, Talks, Book Readings & Related Offerings

I work in many different settings, offering inspirational talks and workshops for children, teens and adults, and interactive book readings.

It is my pleasure and passion to remind others of their own creative essence in sharing what I love: Creativity.

I am happy to discuss tailoring talks or workshops, to suit specifics.

Here is a taste of what I offer…

* Book Readings

Bringing the pages of my books to life in an interactive reading with a peek behind the scenes of the birthing of book characters, sharing illustrator’s secrets and tips.

* Inspirational & Interactive Talks

Katz brings her infectious playfulness, personal stories of turning blocks to breakthrough’s and insecurities into inspiration in her impassioned reminders to trust and believe in our natural impulses and self~expression as the pathway to our deeper creativity.

Talks to set your creative confidence back on track sharing insights and inspirational ways to stay creatively engaged with everyday life, not as a luxury but as part of the expression of who we are and for our balanced wellbeing. These talks are offered to all ages in many settings from therapeutic, educational, in schools, organisations, institutions, and corporate and public settings.

* Embodied Drawing Workshops

An immersive workshop exploring the realms where drawing and movement blur into each other and interweave. What if we were to draw on the page without leaving a trace or move through the space envisaging wet dripping paintbrushes on our hands and feet, leaving traces in the space?! Where does a line on the page become an embodied line? Taking the life of lines beyond the edges of the page and into space to be…deliciously…embodied…and expressed.

* Characters & Creatures Workshops

Covering aspects of character creation and illustration, inventing your own and making a book of characters to take away.
For younger age groups this is kept simple and fun and focussed on all sorts of beastly & beautiful, weird & wonderful creatures.
For more advanced age groups, we can cover character concept and publishing considerations for illustrating stories.

* Creative Self~Expression Through Journalling

Opening pathways to empowered self~expression beyond the language of spoken words, meeting ourselves in exciting and authentic ways on the page through sensory journeys and creative explorations.

* Illustration Workshops

Exploring techniques, mediums, and considerations for creating and expressing with confidence and flare, finding your personal style along the way.

All these offerings can be adapted to requirements and there are plenty of others I offer, please feel free to enquire.
All sessions have some focus around being more creatively engaged with life, ourselves and our surroundings, with a foundation in creative journalling as a way of staying connected to our inner creative wellspring.

How these workshops began:

My workshops were born from my own creative blocks and resulting breakthroughs, particularly around 2004 when I opened new doorways in my own relationship to my creativity after a long time blocked!

As a result, I share techniques that have helped me melt into my own authentic expression, beyond my own pesky inner critic and limiting beliefs about my creative expression, and the things that have truly excited me, and many others, along the pathways of breaking through blocks and reclaiming more of our true creative essence.

What I teach is rooted in the playfully permissive place of our childlike wonder, reclaiming the parts that may have become forgotten or misplaced along the way, that have been patiently waiting to be reclaimed.

In working with children, these parts are often still thankfully present at the fore, though still sometimes a little compromised already at a young age. This work is about fostering and nurturing that creative essence that exists within.

It is common in adults that there are some layers to drop through to immerse back into the bubbling wellspring of our natural creativity again.
You might be surprised how easy it is to get there…

We are all creative and it is not all about drawing a perfect picture, and not even just about drawing…but I use this as the bedrock and springboard to venture into the delighting and powerful places to dare to find out authentic creative expression that connects us more deeply and authentically to life and who we truly are.

I believe that it is the playfulness of this work that allows for us to drop deeply into our natural self~expression, inner impulses and inner~sense that form the bedrock of our creative self~expression.

Please feel free to contact me for any enquiries about inspirational talks, workshops or interactive book readings at your event, institution, organisation or arty parties in your home

* Creative Teaching Journey:

I have offered creative workshops and talks in many different settings, to age groups across the board and around the world, in countries including New Zealand, Australia, England and Holland.

Some of my offerings to date include:

  • Author Tours to classrooms, full school halls and libraries, etc
  • Tutoring & Guest~speaking in Arts Colleges & Universities
  • Working therapeutically with adults and teenagers with cancer & in prisons
  • Offering courses, classes and workshops in adult education
  • Workplace & corporate inspirational sessions tailored to specifics

I am passionate about bringing this work to people of all ages to connect more with their creativity and self~expression, working with playfulness, curiosity and our natural impulses, to enables us to drop deeper into the wonder of the creative process.

Rather than being a ‘Teacher’ I consider myself more of a guide, holding the torch of fire, back to the innate creativity that dwells within each of us.

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